…with this image we begin a new series called ‘in the nature of things.’ It was inspired by a recent trip to one of my favorite spots in the world to reconnect with the natural world.

This is like the 8th or 9th year I’ve been photographing pink flora. I admit, there are times when I think I’m over it, or that I’ve exhausted all there is to see in the world of pink flowers. But, somehow I find the gumption to pick up the camera and go look anyway. I arrived at the Gardens thinking that I’ve seen all there is to see.

Mother Nature basically said: “Hold my beer,” and pull out an entire new set of stops.

We were in a horrible drought when I started this series, not to mention I was suffering from deep depression after the death of my Mother. Looking back, I can see that time was softening the blow of loosing my Mom and the strained relationship that we had just like the weather patterns have shifted to bring more rain to our area.

As I wandered the Gardens, I was blown away by what I saw. Rhododendrons as big as my head.

And, in true irony, part of the reason I was at Golden Gate Park was to visit the Rose Garden. My Mom loved and grew roses and they were her pride and joy. As I got in view of the Rose Garden, I saw that there wasn’t a bloom to be seen. Entirely dead-headed for summer. Go figure.

Another day. Hope you enjoy this slightly askew view of #pinkflora!


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