…but it’s probably going to turn out beautifully.

That: in-the-moment-oh-my-god-what-the-hell feeling is all too familiar. Being able to step back from it is a huge skill that I’ve picked up along the way. This detail of a magnolia blossom is a good reminder that things are always changing, and that if I stay stuck on the way things are at any given moment, I’m missing out on what lies ahead. (aka: faith)

This blossom is just emerging from it’s protective cover. Its growing some leaves to help nourish it and eventually shedding the parts that don’t serve it as it unfolds into its full potential. Ya, there’s some brown stuff, and the leaves aren’t fully formed, but that one little swoosh of green appearing from the side says so much! The curl of the leaf that’s on it’s way–these are signs of hope.

I get to volunteer at a local grade school one day a week. I’m constantly reminded that we’re all in the process of growing and developing. I recently realized that I’m really awkward around ‘dads with kids’ – for a variety of reasons, they just haven’t been a part of my life up until now.

This came up at the annual spring school carnival this year. I was asked to monitor the bouncy house. (and no, I’m not starting a career as a carney…) — anyway, one of the rules was that they had to go all the way thru and come out the other side. As I was standing there looking at all the pairs of shoes at the entrance, I started wondering where all of the kids went.

So, I checked inside the bounce house and at the exit end, and realized that most of them had gone thru.

They just hadn’t come back for their shoes.

me, in my head: Huh, ok. That makes sense. Now I won’t wonder where they went anymore.

I thought this was an astute observation, which I shared with the gentleman that I had helped get the bbq going earlier.

He seemed surprised at my comment and said: “Oh, you’re watching the bouncy house!?!?!”

me, in my head: Um, ya, like what? You thought I was over here creeping on you the whole time? My next thought was: Oh, I was supposed to communicate what I was doing…ok, good to know.

Then it was time for my shift to end. I said it was good to see him again and went on my way.

Awkward, but it turned out ok. He had a wedding ring on…but I have not idea of how that conversation goes.

In the nature of things, we’re all trying to figure out how to be in the world.




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