” The theme of transformation, of proudly displaying one’s authentic self as an act of breaking free of constraining norms, provided the skeleton around which Christensen and his collaborators developed the body of the gallery.”

– The Daily Californian

Arthur Tress‘ artist statement gives a vivid depiction of the way things were 50+ years ago.

What initially struck me about these images was the consistency of style across the different decades that the photos were created…one from the 2000s the next from the 1970s and so forth, then I learned the content of the family unit and ultimately read the artist’s statement to tie it all together. The name “Arthur Tress” rang a bell, but I couldn’t place it, then I Googled him and realized where I had heard of him – an exhibit at the de Young.

Hank Trout did a reading of his written piece “Stonewall 50 & Before.”

…if you’re not watching Pose and don’t know who this is yet…click here
Happy Anniversary!
…honored to have these two pieces chosen to be in the show. From my long running “pink flora” series.

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